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-Philippians 4:13


  * About Ataxia *

What is ataxia? 

It’s the loss of total control of bodily movements 

**It’s a rare neurological disease, a progressive disease- affecting A person’s ability to walk, talk, and use fine motor skills 

How many types of ataxia are there ? 

There are over 50 to 100 types of ataxia. Ataxias are classified under three broad headings:-

Hereditary ataxia – one that runs in the families and is inherited genetically. The symptoms may develop slowly over many years.

Idiopathic late onset Cerebellar ataxia (ILOA) – in this type of ataxia the cerebellum is progressively damaged due to unexplained causes leading to ataxia.

Acquired ataxia – the symptoms develop rapidly. This type of ataxia may occur due to injury to the brain or due to a stroke or other disease of the brain that affects movements and co-ordination. 

(Ataxia Telangiectasia/ Episodic Ataxia/ Friedreich’s Ataxia/ Multiple System Atrophy/ Spinocerebellar Ataxia/ Sporadic Ataxia) 

What are the symptoms of Ataxia?

Unfortunately symptoms vary by person and type of Ataxia. Along with, the onset and progression of each case. 

Common symptoms can be: lack of coordination, slurred speech, trouble eating and swallowing, eye movement abnormalities, deterioration of more skills, difficulty walking, tremors, and heart problems. 

Is there treatment or cure for ataxia?

There is no cure as of yet. However, working closely with a neurologist/ physical therapist to acquire a plan to help treat the symptoms for your case specific ataxia. Individuals with ataxia often require wheelchairs and walkers to aid their mobility

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