*Our Mission*

Well, we strongly encourage you to read our story because honestly it will give the base to why we started this. However, We'll get it started by saying we want everyone to get a fair chance. For the better part of two years things slowly slipped away it seemed and the answers we were getting we knew were not the right ones.

There is a lack of information on Ataxia in our area! We are here to spread the word! We want people in our area to know more about this disease and how it affects the person, their families, and their friends.

The person affected by the ataxia (any type) knows they are no longer themselves. As family members and friends its just as hard accepting that and helping that person deal with  that.

Now, we want to provide the support for these people, people like yourselves who may know someone or are someone affected by Ataxia.

Our mission is to get people pointed into the right direction. Into the right doctors hands who are more informed and can help in more ways than they have been helped before.

Also, our mission is to help financially because traveling, testing, medicines, holistic approaches, therapy, doctors appointments are EXPENSIVE! We should know, we are dealing with these issues ourselves.

We want to provide an outlet and support for anyone with questions or concerns involving ataxia. Because I'll be honest we don't know it all and what we do not know we will do our very best to find out.

We have done our digging and talking with the right people who have pointed us into the right direction and we would love for everyone who needs this information to have it!

Our mission also deals with helping with acquiring service dogs, therapy horses, therapy glasses, therapy lights, and even essential oils and everything else that someone else would need to better there balance, coordination, involuntary movements, speech, and much more.

Due to this being a rare disease and a lot of these tests they have out now, they're not covered under insurance. Some people may not have great insurance and we want to help them acquire what is needed to feel back to normal. Well, the best new normal for them.

If there are any questions feel free to jump over to the contact page and ask away!!

 We are here for YOU!


Be Strong and of good courage, for not fear nor be afraid of them; for the Lord your God, He is the One who goes with you.

He will not leave you nor forsake you.

-Deuteronomy 31:6​

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